About Us

Ritchie Grain was started March 6, 1946 so we are celebrating our 72nd anniversary this year. We are a third generation company with Buck and Rita Rabideau starting the company and their son Gary taking over running the operation in 1971 and becoming the owner in 1996 and in 2012, Gary's oldest son Jeff became part owner. Jeff has worked beside Gary since graduating college in 1997. Jeff is Vice President and corporate secretary.

Our Mission

At Ritchie Grain we take very seriously and appreciate any and all business a customer chooses to do with us.

We have two locations to serve the local farm community to handle their grain. At our Ballou site we have 1 million bushels of grain storage and at our main location at Ritchie we have 2.8 million bushels of storage. For the last twelve years we have specialized in loading containers with our customer's grain for shipment overseas. This has resulted in an average of at least 15 to 20 cents per bushel better price for our customer's grain.  At Ritchie we also have our fertilizer and bulk chemical operations. We have storage and blending for 6000 tons of dry fertilizer and over 7700 tons of storage for our 28% nitrogen operation. Ritchie Grain operates 3 John Deere 4930 sprayers, three full float Stahley sprayers and two full float Stahley dry spreaders and a Precission full float dry spreader. These three spreader trucks have all new updated computer spreading and guidance systems that will include auto steer. All of our sprayers and spreaders are now equiped with the latest computer rate and mapping technology. All the John Deere equiptment and dry spreaders have auto steer thereby assuring our growers the best application techniques available for their pocket book and the environment. Our eight sprayer and dry spreader operators have over a phenominal 226 years of experience under their belts and are all longtime employees.
Ritchie Grain also operates 10 semis to haul our own grain and fertilizer, nurse our application equipment and bring loads in from our customer's fields during harvest.


Our agronomic and soil testing service is provided by Ken Ferrie and his company Crop Tech Consulting. With Ken's expertise and help we promote a Systems Approach to farming. The information and help a fertilizer and soil test customer of ours can receive through this program is immeasurable and very multifaceted.